HR Linx offers a reliable and professional service and you can be assured of our absolute discretion at all times. We offer a wide range of HR services and can work to an hourly, daily or project rate depending on your needs. We can also offer a one off or ongoing fixed fee for longer term ongoing advice as well as pay as you go.

General Admin work

Admin can easily mount up, especially if you are short on resources. HR Linx can ensure that you remain up to date on your general admin, ensuring it is completed swiftly and efficiently. We can be that helping hand to keep your business running smoothly.

Telephone advice

Whenever you get into any difficulties with your HR and simply need some advice as a one off or wish to arrange regular consultation, we are just on the other end of the phone. We'll be happy to offer whatever help we can to support your business.


Recruitment can be a timely and costly process for any business. HR Linx can help ease this pressure for you from advertising the role to selecting the very best candidate for the job so you can spend more time concentrating on running the business as a whole.

Performance management

It's important to offer regular feedback for your employees to help guide them on how they are getting along and looking at how things can be improved if needed. We can help offer guidance and advice on managing performance.

Policy and procedures

Policies and procedure are vital in ensuring your business runs smoothly and for a solution to be ready for any HR situation. We offer full end to end documentation rather than simply providing templates. You can be assured that your policies will be tailored to your business needs.

Employee handbook

An Employee handbook is an important tool for any employer. The handbook can provide your workers with everything they need to know about the company and how things work so they know exactly where they stand and what the process is for any situation they may encounter.


HR Linx can review and update all current employee contracts to ensure that they remain up to date and watertight so that both the employer and employees know exactly where they stand. We can also assist in drafting up any new contracts for new starters in the company.

Disciplinary and termination

When problems arise in the work place with an employee it is never easy, but when they do we can be there to ensure everything is done according to the correct company procedure as well as the law. We can also assist in creating the policies for such occasions.

Code of conduct

Having a code of conduct for your business is always recommended. It provides a guide and reference point for the companies values and commitments on an everyday basis for your employees. HR Linx can help in creating documentation for this purpose.

Resolving conflicts

Conflicts can unfortunately arise in any business situation. It is vital that these are handled efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. HR Linx can offer you crucial advice in these situations to ensure that you have the ability to reach a solution.

Letter drafting, tailored letters and documents

We can offer a wide range of services for drafting any important letters as well as creating tailored letters and documents for your business. Again we're here to take away this tedious task so you can focus on running the business as a whole.

TUPE advice

Should your business be transferring its ownership, Hr Linx provides reliable TUPE advice so you can feel confident throughout the process whilst ensuring everything is done correctly and your employee's rights are maintained.